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Reviews for "SnowBlitz 2005"


very fun. I hope you liked my completely unhelpful reveiw.

I remember smashing a snowfort

Because they didn't let me in the group, and made fun of me. But I got them back and broke their fort. ha ha ha ha ha.


A very enjoyable game, a high 7 :¬)!

first 5 i gave out in a looong time

first 5 i gave out in a looong time man this was a really good innovative game shit

one thing i wanted and im pretty sure you'll see this but never add it is a team on my side i got real far but near the end it was pure skill and luck that i was still alive i mean can you send in another copy with at least one person one my side is all i ask

honestly i think if you did that this would reach front page man this game is soo good i think it will reach front page anyway!

o yea sounds were good but they got repetive (but in a good way for me) it reminded me of the sounds in IM attack by DCK

It's fun throwing snowballs at the enemys!

This game was pretty fun. My high score was 540. It gets pretty difficult when you start getting further in the game. It would of been even cooler if there was a snowball cannon in this game. This game was very fun and I enjoyed playing it. Nice work!