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Reviews for "SnowBlitz 2005"

Fun, original game.

I haven't seen a game like this before. It is a decent game, and its pretty fun. Good job on the graphics and the animation, you definately spent some time developing this game, and I hope you keep up the good work. 4/5


Wow, awesomely addicting!

Very fun, only one thing that freaked me out though, when I died, my score was at 666. Freeeeaaakky!

Reminds me of the weather outside.

Good job, but is it me or was there no controls or "How to Play" screen? I'd liek to see one instead of losign half of my life before figuring out the controls ;P Otherwise a game well done.

DrNeroCF responds:

Well... the controls are in the 'Author's Comments,' but in game, you can use those two little arrows to cycle through 'pages' and the controls and the credits, as well as brief 'character bios' are there.

Just comparing it to the last one

It seems to have got worse since the last. The last one had better sound effects and snow prints. I didn'y have any bugs with the first one so I'm a little confused.


Good fluid animation. A great style of gameplay. The sounds were hard to tell who they were coming from...they got annoying and repetative after a while. But for some reason the sounds made me laugh.
...All in all I give it a 8/10 Good animation and gameplay. The only thing keeping it from a 10 was the repetative sounds, a little music would have been nice too.