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Reviews for "A Friendly Gesture"


garentead front page oooo ya awsome flash

A true Christmas flash!

I really love this movie! It was just long enough, has a great plot, awesome animation and has everything a good movie needs! Man, this is just so awesome i cant really say much but this: Have a Freakin Happy holidays to you too! XD

Great movie

can't find a flaw in this masterpiece, noice movie.

I can easily imagine this being on tv, that's how professional it is. Good work!

Everything was great.

You have great sound, graphics, animation, style, plot, and especially the music, which brings everything together seamlessly. I also love the ending. I am continually amazed at how professional more and more flash toons are looking, especially on Newgrounds.

But there are two little things really bug the hell out of me. The rabbit’s chin and mouth need a little movement to look right when he’s chewing the carrot, otherwise the carrot wouldn’t move like that, and his mouth needs to be better drawn AROUND the carrot in some scenes. Also, some of sounds are just crappy sounds on the net that everybody uses in every movie. Lackluster and repetitively annoying!

A-lot of drama...

but you cant go wrong with drama and humor put together. the finale with everyone together was nice; i thought they were gonna kill him at first. very nice overall.