Reviews for "Cyber Ortek Flier"

Any game from Fig Hunter is TEH AWESOME!

Really cool. It's more original than you think, really, I've never seen a side-scrolling shooter like this before. One thing though: If you say it's 'as finished as it'll ever be', then why are some planets still transparent and the ending is just that little box saying 'this is the ending for now. I'll give this a better rating later.'? But anyway, awesome. You need to add a guestbook for this one your site, so people can reveiw it there.

great game

I liked this game a lot and and can't wait for fig hunter mmo all hail YALORT!


Great jorb!


PSEUDO, this is Ryn, you rock, yah.

This game rulez

I played this game a dozen times and i cant finish the ortekia level!!! It totally beats other space scrolling shooting games.