Reviews for "Cyber Ortek Flier"

Very Good

It was a pretty good game in graphics and gameplay, and I have counters for WhoMe232 and Ferritay. WhoMe232 you can make the "drone" go faster with the green arrows, but it restarts back to original speed when hit. Ferritay if you can go offscreen and hide its your choice to not play that right way although that should be fixed, but you have to fight the boss and you might die trying to kill the boss.

good game

only the dragon thing moves WAY too slow


too easy :/, all you haffa do is go hide way down at the bottom and go offscreen, then pop back up when its boss fighting tiem


i thought it was a good game i didnt really mind the armor thing since i never bought it i just used the lingon armor and the armor after u beat the game


Good game the laggin sux.....The armor thing when you buy a new one u lose the old one....u should fix that....GREAT GAME THO! WHOLE LOT OF FUN!