Reviews for "Cyber Ortek Flier"


One of the best flying games I've played in ages. Reminds me of Nemesis for the GBC. Anyhow, smooth gameplay, simple graphics, good music and lots of variation. I couldn't ask for more. Keep up the great work!



you are seriously good at making every single kind of games

Great, but I think you should finish it.

I think you should finish whatever project you are on now (I can't remember if it's Beast Signer or Raider or whatever) and then finish this. I'm pretty sure everybody wants you to get it done. But anyway, it is an excellent game. No advice, except...


I never knew...

I played this game a long time ago on a different website, but never saw it again. Then I found out about Mardek RPG a while ago, and liked it just as much. I never knew they were made by the same person!

An excellent game but...

Finish the game! You did a great job with both the audio and the visuals so why not finish it? Put your monster catcher thing on hold for a bit and just add the last couple of levels.