Reviews for "Cyber Ortek Flier"


i got to lv. 7 (HP:982,MP:1015)
and truely IT'S HARD! (bind a way is in this game any boss cuz
i didn't met any boss)
ANYWAY it's owesome!
Plz finish quickly the third chapter of mardek +FHO+beast singer i
love thous games
yours shaiyan god.

Still needs work

Needs a little bit for me cept you need upgrades and diff weapons. A lot of em and good luck finishing mardek 3 can't wait!!!!

Pseudo is doing more important things

Pseudolonewolf is doing more important things that work on a game like this.

gr8 game!

but i wanna know.. in want stage the boss comes?!


its ok but also you need to update for more planets