Reviews for "Cyber Ortek Flier"


I like this game


i love this game.

Too difficult.

This game is way too hard. Couldn't even get past the first boss. Getting rid of the MP would be a good thing. The whole point of games like this is to hold down the trigger and lay waste to everything on the screen. Also the mines explode way too big. Trying to avoid something that fills half the screen when it dies isn't any fun.


Alright, i'll so far give you a 9/10 and a 5/5.
Ok, this game is just awesome.
The gameplay cool, weapons, armor, etc.
But the thing is there's a pretty big level difficulty gap between easy and medium... Because in easy it took me 2 trys in the begging to beat the eastiest planet. However, in medium in took me forever. There should be one type of damage that you do. Easy=150% enemies: 50% Medium=100% enemies: 100%
Hard: 50% enemies: 150%.
I think there could 100% damage for each level, and enemies should be in easy: 80% medium:100% hard:120% and the damage would make up most of the challenging part. I highly doubt you even click on this game any more, but it's been 3 years you've let us hanging with 3 planets that havn't been added.
That takes off points for the game not being complete.


good gameplay, weps., style and final battle...
"Drone" WOW! We're robots! YAY!
nice for unfinished project(i know... MRPG+bored of project)
Ill give you 9/10 and 4/5
And good luck everyone on hard :P