Reviews for "Cyber Ortek Flier"

very fun
i like this game


Hey, I found a glitch where, if you use the Ion pulser after you defeat the boss on lingonite, where it shows the results, the pulse that is shot contiues on screen afterward on the planet selection screen! This doesn't effect gameplay, (as I know it) but you might want to check that out, since you always try to aim for perfection. Oh, and the fire icon was enabled when I fired it.
1-graphics) Great graphics, , so, 10/10
2-satisfaction) unfinished, so 9/10
3-gameplay) sometimes there is slowdown from too many objects on screen, and that glitch, so 8/10
4-music) Oh my...THAT WAS GREAT!!!1 except for there was a gap in the loop for lingonite, but otherwise, 9/10
5-plot) there was no plot, except mildly at the end with every species attacking, so 4/10
This game was both addicting and enjoyable, even without a plot, so you get a 9/10. Congrats.


Why wasn't ArmorGames credited? Anyway, I was very impressed by this. I think I may have played one of your other games (although I can't tell the name at the moment), but this was great. The designs of the dragons were very well done. I don't understand what those ice ships were supposed to be, but they were very cool at least. The effects of the dragons breathing the different kinds of fire (especially the green color) was nice as well.

very fun

i liked it, and as you said it is origional, but the one thing i didnt get was what is the difference between the acid breath and fire breath?


addictive and gets ur heart pumpin... love ur graphic art (cyber ortek). all ur games r gr8 especially ur graphic art (again) 9/10 for gameplay bc after wile gets a tad bit borin but that ages away...... Graphics good 5/5 love ur games and keep up the good work!