Reviews for "Redeye and Bufo 2"


you did a good job i look foward to your future submittions

hi richard , judith ,mel and jacob - still funny!

hi its alex keymer please tell melissa to phone me because my old phone broke and i cant find her number how is she

p.s: hahaha redeye and buffo are still funny and how are the nuns coming???

ohh yeah

cool, the entire animation is ggod, they looked like ren and stimpy


This flash is great! The animations are great and the script is funny. I am really looking forward to more of from the series.

Worthingtoon responds:

Thanks. I'm working on some other projects at the moment so Redeye and Bufo may have to wait. It depends on how much time I've got, and pressure from the kids.

Ribbit ^_^

That was really cute and funny. the voices and humor reminded me of ren and stimpy or invader zim.