Reviews for "The Ultimate Showdown"

Poor animation, degrading, & sad attempt at humor

I have noticed that this has been among the top 30 for the past 2 years. Popular as it may be, I fail to see why. Not only is the animation style along with graphics, elementary to the point that it is unbearable, but it is degrading to animation as a whole.
Also, I just want to add, this is not humorous at all. The entire time I was grimacing at the poor attempt that was made, and ultimately failed at achieving even an ounce of humor.
With that I say, better luck next time. Also, should I be banned for speaking how I feel in this, well, I will be once again terribly disappointed in the lack of integrity and pride of this site for critical criticism should not be "frowned down upon this site", but taken in for the author to use to make his work better.
So finally, I say, please use my critical criticism, or, just shrug it off because, who cares what one or two people might think as long as the general population loves it, right? Just as long as you try not to stifle it because then, what is the point to this site? Why bother putting anything up if no one can voice their true opinion?


not good

this song is annoying

Great song, mediocre video

Yeah, I really like that song and for that reason I have watched the flash several times I have to confess.
Still your video doesn't much except visualizing the text with few inspiration and substandard graphics.
I did like the gay Robin, though.
All in all I don't want to rant about it, I just want to say is that this flash is very overrated.

as awesome as this is...............


SO MINUS 8 STARS FOR THAT...........................but 2 stars means theirs still hope

This music video makes shit look good

nothing is new here