Reviews for "The Ultimate Showdown"

totally worth it!

true masterpice, worthy of frontpage, this has hall of famer written all over it, loved the song, loved your humor, loved almost everything about it, great work, im happy to see that there's still people willing to submit good stuff

omg that was great

i loved that to bad the song wasnt longer and included more people like the brian boitano he is only a stupid skater but some people might know him from southpark, anyway that was great mr roggers killed himself i loved that you killed chuck noris i hate him for some uknown reason

Ho... ly... SHIT

That was a true masterpiece, you had me laughing the whole way through. It's even better than Ebaum's World Dot Com, and more catchy too! Tell me where I can download the song. PLEASE?!?!


Hands down the funniest flash ive seen on NG in some time

your a fucking ledgend

people like you make somthingawful somthing great, another masterpeice!