Reviews for "The Ultimate Showdown"

What, no Coolaid Man?

That song, kicked AAAAASSSSS!!!

my sincerest regrets

it's horrible wat yellow power jackass did 2 butcher this excellent flash but lets hope ppl watch this b4 that


This is the best flash i have seen in many many many days, and it shall be one of my favorites of all time. The song is ga damn insane, and it goes so well. Great job sir, great job.

oh come on, dont be so harsh!

this was an awsome, funny as hell, toon. give it some credit for the song, toons, and animation!(and again) funny as hell! nice work!

heh... Mr.Rodgers...=P

Mr. Rogers Wins!

This is the funniest video in all of Newgrounds. But Chuck Noris deserves far worse than death for killing batman. Mr. Rogers rules!