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Reviews for "Reasoner & Bjra - Diffuse It"


i think there are some volume issues, the piano is a bit loud and the drums are a little quiet.

otherwise thing song is pretty chill son.

5/5 4.28 / 5.00 (+ 0.10)

i'm a little too lazy to write a full review so yeah :(



Short and simply put.... Sweet.

Now i got something new to add to the Mp3 and relax to goin down the road.


much rougher than your other tracks but i always wanted to see what a composing genius like you could do with the help of someone who knows rougher sounds like bjra you two deserve to be mainstream music producers and i would gladly buy your albums. yet again. perfect.

Words cannot describe

They simply cannot. Too beautiful for words.

The song is just awesome

I play a lot of newground songs at work and a lot of my co workers love this a lot. One co worker said for some reason though she sees this being in a BMW or Mercedes ad on the tv. Not sure about that but the song sounds so right working out at night or just cruising in the car. Keep up the good work guys this is one damn good song