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Reviews for "Reasoner & Bjra - Diffuse It"

I like

This piece is a bit different from your other ones but I really like it.
Beautiful as usual.
Rock on!


much rougher than your other tracks but i always wanted to see what a composing genius like you could do with the help of someone who knows rougher sounds like bjra you two deserve to be mainstream music producers and i would gladly buy your albums. yet again. perfect.

just sitting there

saying, ok lets wait till after the intro to write a review. then BANG screw that idea this is a ridiculously amazing song here. I don't quite see it as "ambient" at all tho. Far to exciting to sit in the background.
I love your music, very very few people have this kind of skill, real skill, not ghetto wannabe skill, a real composer's talent.

no reason for something like this to not be a 10/10



Short and simply put.... Sweet.

Now i got something new to add to the Mp3 and relax to goin down the road.

You aren't like others

Some people are over-hyped,
These people don't really make as good songs as others.
Some people are over-competitive,
They 5 their music and immediately 0-bomb competitors.
Some people have talent,
Reasoner is one of those with talent.
Keep up the great work!