Reviews for "Dusty the X-mas turkey"

Way too laggy

The game would have been a ton better if you didn't use so many bevels and others of the new features. It lagged it so horribly that on low quality it ran pretty slowly. Also, the camera thing didn't help either. It lagged too much to enjoy sometimes and I have a pretty decent computer. The idea was cool, though. The moves were neat. I was they did more than just duck, or did they? I could only get up to 80 kills before I died. I only had 10 hp by that point anyway. If you had more than just elves too. I'm assuming there wasn't a Santa Claus boss or anything. Anyway, pretty good job. I'd like to see another game like this with more to it.

Pretty good...a couple of kinks

Bad: Very intensive graphically, hard on older machines such as mine. No high score tally. No timer on 5th level (not advertized). Slowdown highly expected. Text hard to read.

Good: 2 Game Modes, various moves that are chainable. Good FAQ on moves list.

Suggestions: Need more music. More levels. Decrease slowdown on game. Use sans serif fonts, or a fonts that are readible. Otherwise pretty good game. I gave you a 5 based on ingenuity and overall awesomeness.

MasterFury responds:

if you had a hard time reading the font impact you must have poor
eye sight. and impact is a sans serif font. mayby I shoild have used something like arial or trebechet for the instrustions.
Also I had only one week to make this game so I couldnt have made it the way I wanted to in the time span.


is it always so laggy? nice game ;)


this had to be the most awsome game i have ever played. and the fact you put in combos in this makes it even better. keep it up man cant wait to see some your other stuff.


basically hold down & space to kill every elf infront and behind you, i got 698 kills in normal mode with 70 health at the end!