Reviews for "Dusty the X-mas turkey"


on difficulty level 5 survival mode i got 128

anyone beat that?

this game is sweet

Great Game

Its very good! The fact that it was a turkey without a head made me laugh *weird sense of humor* :D the only thing i would revise would be the enclosed space... because a high levels there were a bunch and i couldnt move so it made it hard to kill them all, oh and one more thing. 20 hp seems kinda low for a mutant evil chicken, even if the weird dolls take away 1 with each hit. 7 on graphics because the battle axe intro thing was really slow. overall GREAT GAME!


Great game!

Fun and challenging.

I got to the level where it says kill untill time runs out (hp bonus at end)

I got 104 kills there then I died.


this was a great game lol!
i got 2 lvl 5 and had 49 kills lol, would b better with power ups and bosses,maybe some interactive enviroments for kills,like you start at the kitchen,you can get wepons there like butcher knife and sum good kills by using the oven or stove- you knock elves into the oven and bake them into elf pie, and you can burn elves faces on stove!!!!!!! lol
well anyway, srry if i got carried away.... lol GREAT GAME!

Hey that was Fun....

Hey that was Fun NOT