Reviews for "Dusty the X-mas turkey"


I predict tommorows feature! Great game!

cool game

tht was rely fun good choice of music... sorry to hear some people lagged so i got only one thing to say rely... GET A NEW COMPUTER ITS ALMOST 2006!!! lol anyways u couldve just made one little improvement: u shouldve gave us more hp or atleast give us our hp back through each lvl. anywho good job and i hope to see more

Great Game..

You realize you mis-spelled complete right? Other than that it was kinda laggy and FPS dropped way down when lots of elves were dieing... Good game though :D.

Way too laggy

The game would have been a ton better if you didn't use so many bevels and others of the new features. It lagged it so horribly that on low quality it ran pretty slowly. Also, the camera thing didn't help either. It lagged too much to enjoy sometimes and I have a pretty decent computer. The idea was cool, though. The moves were neat. I was they did more than just duck, or did they? I could only get up to 80 kills before I died. I only had 10 hp by that point anyway. If you had more than just elves too. I'm assuming there wasn't a Santa Claus boss or anything. Anyway, pretty good job. I'd like to see another game like this with more to it.

When Turkeys fight back.

Thats the spirt, get the fuck Dusty, show em what you're made of. Vegan Revenge!