Reviews for "Dusty the X-mas turkey"


Pretty good game Keep doing the good work!!!!
I love your work very much

Pretty good...a couple of kinks

Bad: Very intensive graphically, hard on older machines such as mine. No high score tally. No timer on 5th level (not advertized). Slowdown highly expected. Text hard to read.

Good: 2 Game Modes, various moves that are chainable. Good FAQ on moves list.

Suggestions: Need more music. More levels. Decrease slowdown on game. Use sans serif fonts, or a fonts that are readible. Otherwise pretty good game. I gave you a 5 based on ingenuity and overall awesomeness.

MasterFury responds:

if you had a hard time reading the font impact you must have poor
eye sight. and impact is a sans serif font. mayby I shoild have used something like arial or trebechet for the instrustions.
Also I had only one week to make this game so I couldnt have made it the way I wanted to in the time span.

i need a question answer

well, a couple. first id like to see credits, and i want to know who made the song?
its a great game, keep it up!

MasterFury responds:

I made just about everything in this game. but the music is by B0UNC3



great game

but because it wasnt WSAD compatable, it got a 0, i hope this is encouragement fot next time :D