Reviews for "Dusty the X-mas turkey"


bless....you spelt it compleat...thats so cute :3


That was amazing. I love this game!!! Itz the best concept Ive seen all year, and just in time for Christmas. Amazing job man, u r my hero.

Fantastic game :D

Wonderful idea... i mean, being a turkey and pwning all the helpless little elves! Kinda grows on you, however after a while it gets a bit too repetetive... I suggest some more weapons, maybe a ranged weapon, and some more moves, maybe powerups of some sort, and this game could be a real christmas classic



this game is so damn addictive. elves deserve to have thier heads chopped off by a turkey.


At first, ur not quite sure how its gonna go...mayb a tad boring....
After level 3 YOU ARE COMPLETELY HOOKED- no joke.
I'm not sure whether it's the joy of slicing up those sh***y little elves that keep on coming (heheheh fools,) or the crazy techno version of jingle bells that spurs you on but this game is great!