Reviews for "Dusty the X-mas turkey"

great game

i love the smell of dead elves in the morining

Great Game

Its very good! The fact that it was a turkey without a head made me laugh *weird sense of humor* :D the only thing i would revise would be the enclosed space... because a high levels there were a bunch and i couldnt move so it made it hard to kill them all, oh and one more thing. 20 hp seems kinda low for a mutant evil chicken, even if the weird dolls take away 1 with each hit. 7 on graphics because the battle axe intro thing was really slow. overall GREAT GAME!


look you even spelt "complete" wrong what is compleat supposed to mean. Thats just a minor thing but this game is good, a turkey is pitched against an army of puppets, classic idea and a classic game, just a little too boring for me


i killed 614 elves before they got me how many can u kill?!?!?!?

way to repettive

boring all you do is kill the same elf for a number of times