Reviews for "Dusty the X-mas turkey"


i loved it. i got up to the kill as many in the time limit level and beat at least 90 level 6 elves on the survival mode. it was awsome.

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Fun game, good idea. Um...learn to spell.


this had to be the most awsome game i have ever played. and the fact you put in combos in this makes it even better. keep it up man cant wait to see some your other stuff.


is it always so laggy? nice game ;)


this was a great game lol!
i got 2 lvl 5 and had 49 kills lol, would b better with power ups and bosses,maybe some interactive enviroments for kills,like you start at the kitchen,you can get wepons there like butcher knife and sum good kills by using the oven or stove- you knock elves into the oven and bake them into elf pie, and you can burn elves faces on stove!!!!!!! lol
well anyway, srry if i got carried away.... lol GREAT GAME!