Reviews for "Dusty the X-mas turkey"

Yeah well

The game is a little simple. The fact that I made it through the game by simply taping down my space bar and the down arrow says it all. Its repetitive and doesn't really need you to do anything.
Music gets annyoing after level 4 too.


A turkey killing little elves with an axe! The game is very entertaining, keep up the good work.


I actually found slaughtering elves to Christmas music to be quite relaxing during this stressul holiday season. Good game.


on difficulty level 5 survival mode i got 128

anyone beat that?

this game is sweet

Not bad...

Graphics were pretty good... pretty funny.. would have been better if you could move/be attacked on another axis.. instead of just left to right.. kinda got boring.. nice attempt though.

MasterFury responds:

well the game had to be out before christmas so I couldnt add all the extra stuff I wanted to put in there.