Reviews for "moral sense"

how heart touching

I think the story line was great. To the readers that might not get this message. Sometimes people will re-use and play and throw away. Some people will walk on by and disregard it. Some people will make a half an effort to clean up, and sometimes you get the few that will point it out. Love this deep flash. The music went very well with the feelings of this flash. Keep up the great work.


usually i am a BLAM machine most flash submitted here is garbage... but this one got me thinking alot, why litter? what have us people become? that inspired me that flash did, i voted a 5 on this great job

nice job!

nice art, music and everything else, but i didnt got the point of this.
i watched about minute or two how did it spinned behind the rock then i found play again button and then i noticed its over. XD


don't litter. that first guy shouldve picked it up
I loved it!!!
I'd watch it again

lolz life of a can