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Reviews for "When zombie clocks attack"

osnap zombies

Nice work, I think I'll review this with all 10s!

---Dead Clocks = LOL!---

What can I say? This short is funny beyond belief! Even if you hate the CC, you will love this short! It features Clocks getting killed, zombies, guns and a pimp-stick!.... It also includes a line by PirateClock that will become legendary; as he holds up his pimp-stick weapon and says, (regarding the zombies) "What am I supposed to do with this... pimp them to death?!"

Where can i get me one of them pimp sticks?

Where can i get me one of them pimp sticks? Aisle 17 perhaps?


Fucking HA. Sorry it took so long for me to view this. I just got back from a week long hunting trip. This was beautiful, and gets nothing less than a 5 and a 10 from me! CONGRADS on your success!


Viking, that is so amazing!

Voted Five! Yay!

And tell PirateClock from me to remember that he should just spank them if they come again! :D