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Reviews for "When zombie clocks attack"


A few tips:

-Increase the framerate.
-Learn to spell! There were many errors in your subtitles, and it makes you look lazy/retarded/unprofessional.

Otherwise, a decent movie. A simple, easy-to-follw plot, and a generally funny movie. Do not give up flash, keep up the good work!

not bad

wow, good job with this one. i enjoyed it. not much to improve here.

Stupid voices

Stop using those god damn computer voices so I can actually sit through one one of these movies

---Dead Clocks = LOL!---

What can I say? This short is funny beyond belief! Even if you hate the CC, you will love this short! It features Clocks getting killed, zombies, guns and a pimp-stick!.... It also includes a line by PirateClock that will become legendary; as he holds up his pimp-stick weapon and says, (regarding the zombies) "What am I supposed to do with this... pimp them to death?!"

osnap zombies

Nice work, I think I'll review this with all 10s!