Reviews for "Metroid; Beginings"

very good

But thats not how it began...if its your own story, then alrite but its definately not the way anything happened.

speile responds:

well yeah, i didnt want to use nintendo's story, thats plagerism, same as why i didnt use sprites


really good

Great Game

Great game but i found a bug. If you jump into a platform you fall down past it and past the floor and you fall forever. Brill game though

Great Game!

But could you post a walkthrough in the forums? I'm kinda stuck.

This game is terrible, it has glitches and bugs that are completely game breaking. All of the enemies are annoying to fight and neerly impossible to hit due to how small Samus's only attack is. Most of the bosses are just tedious to fight. Nothing about this game is fun or decent in any way. Lol but stil good job it wuz fun oter than that 5/5. XD