Reviews for "Metroid; Beginings"

The reason I'm giving this a 0/10 instead of a 3/10 is because you spelled Beginnings wrong. By the way this is the first time I've ever given a 0.

1 and a half Stars because the potential to make something good is there. The physics are where this game falls flat, in addition to the misspelling of Beginnings. You seem to have worked really hard on this, and I hate to say it, but...This game is bad. I can see that you're applying yourself and I'm sure you could make a really good game if you tried different things. Maybe put her in her Varia Suit/Power Suit and shift focus away from physics, because it doesn't seem to be your strong suit.

Really enjoyed the ending, it wrapped everything up nicely.

I love playing this game because it sucks at game design so much!
And I doubt the Author fixed -any- glitches at all, here are just a lot of the glitches I encountered,
first of all, you spelled beginnings wrong. second in the training you can fall through the floor at the Metroid ball jumping spot. just jump not as the ball. Also the bosses are too hard And lack a good pattern or strategy to defeat.

I just love playing this because of the glitches though, I don't know why.
I think it just reminds me how good I am.

love, cold storage.

Holy fucking shit this is a disaster. I only gave it a star and a half for how much I was laughing when flying everywhere, the best part of the physics is the comedic value.
I cant imagine someone trying to play this seriously and complete it, not only is it obnoxiously hard because of the controls and the stupid enemies, its not very interesting. I couldn't bring myself to get past the 3rd room cuz I didn't give a shit.
I'm a little late to the party with this review, but this STILL sucks.