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Reviews for "Brink Of Alienation III"

it was very good

it was a great game graphics were clear a day sound was crystyal clear good when the aliens died gore was detailed the ship level was intresting but was hard to judge the obstacles it just seemed metal sluggish


That was unbelievable! I thought that the first game was crap, and I haven't played the second, but by the gods on Olympus, that was awesome! And, the points are distributed as follows:

Graphics: The character design was unique and varied, as well as well detailed. The main character's running animation was relative to his speed, but not too too crazy.

Style: Run 'n' Gun and side scrolling "space" shooting aren't exactly new, but you did a very good job of executing them.

Sound: With headphones on, that was INTENSE!!!! I was screaming as I ran in with my Mega going off ;)

Violence: Pfft, that's all this game was... With a hint of "get the fuck out of there!!"

Others: No reason for those... Not funny, and the moonwalking was overly useful.


for a flash game that was very nicely done, make another,

Much better...

The gameplay has given the thought of being a little herky-jerky, but this has made it's improvements. The AI was a little harder, but there's still a bit predictible......
But the graphics have improved drastically and, well, this is really good......

JTbluefire's score: 8.5
JTbluefire's comment: This is a good job so you're lucky that after fucking up 4 times you have improved. The sad shit is that the game still has some explaining to do in it's story...

It is getting better

I thought this was the best in the series so far, because it gave you a lot of room to move around and shoot things. I think the enemy designs are also getting good. I think it would have been better if the graphics were still a bit better, like showing the bullets when they hit a monster. I had no idea I had beaten the big one when it told me to run. I especially like the artwork that you get to see when you are done with a level. The sounds are pretty good too, and are what you would expect to hear of monsters being killed.