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Reviews for "Brink Of Alienation III"

Very good

The blood effects and cool controls made the gameplay satisfying. I have to give a "WTF" for the sound effects of the ship tho

Oh and, this is a common problem in such games: dying just by touching the enemy. Remove this if you can.

Two thumbs up!

makes sleep look boring, anyhow good adreniline game, very good story , though could use some more weapons, anyhow, the graphics were all right i give it 6, the plane was crap, u gotta admit, and the mega weapon was weaker than the normal weapon, to easy, could do with a HEALTH BAR! but over all 8! Good Work make 4 plz! (i could use the adreniline rush)

Great game but the flying part could use some work

The shooting is great and most of the game is but the flying part is way too easy. all u have to do is hold space and press up and down the whoile time. make it harder with some power-ups that stay or just keeps upgrading the gun untill u die but all in all good work


alright man im sorry i was
a huge fan of ur last games (BOA 1/2)
and this one really didnt have it
it was way to hard and i found occasional
Tell me though what gave you the idea to make
it like Metal slug with only one shot and your dead?

Stage 2 really sux.

The background for stage 2 made no sense. the background is supposed to be slower! not 10 times faster than the foreground. 2ndly it was tedious and really glitched.
Otherwise it was pretty good. Stage 1 alone would have earned a 10 from me. Stage 2 was highly disappointing and annoying. 4/5