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Reviews for "Brink Of Alienation III"


unbelivbly awsome i used to love the series even with the bad graphics and now it has awsome graphics and better code my mind is about to implode 10 from me


damn you rock i love thes game it looks like one of the best games here in newgrounds!!! keep it up.


ABOUT DAMN TIME!! someone with a 2D side shooter that suck!!! YOU RULE!!

Good game in general but had a few bigs.

This type of game has been done before, and done better, the lack of levels boss's and thinking elements brought the score down, along with the few upgrades. Lastly there were few animations, and for some reason, i'm thinking a glitch, when you step unto a moving platform you have to move with it or you end up staying still.

BlasterMaster responds:

thats not a glitch. obviously you are not good at oldschool videogames.

Needs One More Thing...

Maybe some team help would be cool... or not.
More upgrades on the weapon too...