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Reviews for "Brink Of Alienation III"


brink of alienation 1 was best these new ones look just too mutch on metal slug.

BlasterMaster responds:

I agree. You should join our team to help give ideas on originality! visit my site, I have more info there.


Short, but cool.
The flying level was long, and a bit annoying honestly. There would be a lot of enemies on screen but they hardly attacked. Also, the flying level had some slow downs, but it was ok. Fun though. Reminded me of Contra

Pretty good series

I haven't minded this series so far and this addition is a certain improvement. It feels a lot less linear and montonous than the last ones, where something would just pop up, you'd shoot it, then repeat. The boss battles and terrain are more elaborate in this, which I like. Those little critters look a little too much like head crabs, but what can ya do. Decent graphics, gameplay, sound. Overall, pretty good game. I look forward to more.


this is by far the best flash i have ever played on newgrounds. i just completed level one and i wanted to give you kudos before i continue and forget... =)

yay! protection point!

this was pretty good I wish this was longer and that the blood actually looked realistic because the blood looked like the blood you see in some peoples first flashes.Also I wish this was longer