Reviews for "Brink Of Alienation III"

friggin awesome.....

i loved that fast paced shooting game...the controls were so simple...and thas what makes it so fun.....awesome man

played the first level and got bored.. sorry

your blood and sweat wen into this game and all you got out of it was a boring original story line, shit power ups (my count was 1 powerup = mega) and a shit load of enemys, which in my opinion, were pretty shitty looking,
but i have to say this is an ok game, i would of played past the first level, but i thought the second level would have been boring aswell
to every1 who reads this, make sure you don't have a short attention span....

cool but wheres the rest of it?

i like this, but, as im sure youll hear from more than me, it was too short. and the placement of obstacles in the flying stage was difficult to tell. i lost quite a few lives because i couldnt tell where a rock actually was in regards to the ship. but you were generous with the extra lives, so unless you really suck at games, you can get through it. it was still a really great game. you cant imagine how excited i got when i saw there was a new BOA. its one of the best game series online.

huge disappointment

this one is pretty disapointing when compared to the sheer kickass...ness or wutever of boa 2. the great shooting action is once again still here, which is still good. but it's more of the same game. you're still just running around shooting the same aliens from boa 1 & 2 & the graphics ARE STILL ASS! wtf?! 3 entries in the series & still hardly any improvement?! all i'm saying is that part 2's better kick ass... or else. also the gradius level is total ass too. finally, its too short. disappointing on every level.


This game was good, but it was a bit too easy to complete. BOA 2 is the best so far.