Reviews for "Brink Of Alienation III"

Loved it!

This game was short, but very fun! I loved the boss in particular.

@Eddy: Why judge a game you've never even played? 'Shitty game'? The game could kick ass for all you know, just you choose to assume it's bad because you can't run it? O_o

good game idea but.....

I found a glitch. If you die in the mine shaft after the first level you get placed either on top of the mine or behind it, or wherever. you just arent seen or hit.


lol i draw like this when i 8 years old... the alien -or monster topic is very boring today.. i didint see fantasy in this game, but its lol me thx :D

Great Work! Top Stuff

I loved it and yes the music was greta for it! I prefer health bars rather than lives but thats only a tiny thing that put me off but you done a great job well done!


I love these games. Everyone should play them. I want Blastermaster to have my baby. 5!