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Reviews for "Brink Of Alienation III"

Very good

The blood effects and cool controls made the gameplay satisfying. I have to give a "WTF" for the sound effects of the ship tho

Oh and, this is a common problem in such games: dying just by touching the enemy. Remove this if you can.

I'm sorry but I must be blunt.

I'm not saying this isnt a good game, it is. However, the intensity of the graphics isnt attributed to how 'good' they are. Playing on low just to play the game smoothly without lag is boring, and you shouldnt need a computer that can run something like WoW on max strength to run something like this (im being a tad sarcastic but anyways). I hated the graphics, point and final.

2 things

1. I HATE YOU GUYS!!!! WE GOTTA WAIT FOR ANOTHER ONE!!! That was an awesome game! I liked the new higher jump and lives system, and the boss battles AND the awesome new weapon. But why did he get that suit? Im curious about that. All in all, an excellent game! Cant wait till the next one comes out. A 5!

2. to that guy who said hed blam BOA4. You whiny little bastard! Not all computers can handle certain games. Like my Uncle Franks piece-o-shit Mac cant even play Pong. Dont take out what your computer cant do on the makers of a truly awesome game. You really have made yourself look like an idiotic asshole.

Great job

Really fun game. Reminds me of the marines from Halo.

F u if u cant load the damn thing!!!!

this is like a free Halo for godeskae!!!! and it a least desrives a 3 i gave it a 4 keep up the good wrok biz atch!!