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Reviews for "Brink Of Alienation III"

such class and game play is not often seen

i hav played 1 and 1 gold and 2 and they are all so class the game play is gd and the effects altough cartoon make u laugh and go take that alien scum.
very classy but i have 1 main complaint where the f*£k is the moonwalk, where is the moon walk,
good and just the right hardness/ains the man is mintaur

Total L33tness

this game is funnest shootin em ups alien games that are actaully fun

Very fun

The game was great. I did run into some problems where i'd come close to a wall and die or i'd run right threw one and it did nothing when it should have killed me and the ship part was fun but dragged on for to long with very little change but overall great game very fun. ^^

It's great!

Love the length, love the bosses, love the enemy & area variety, mostly love the gameplay...just give me my Moonwalk back!

adding on

this I can say even though this has the best graphics out of all 3 this is the most dissappointing one ofem all to short and the ship part was boring I loved the others more than this one TOO SHORT just 2 levels and ones boring and ones short.