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Reviews for "Brink Of Alienation III"

bloody good game

really really nice reminded me of turrincan.

IT was good, but....

You really need to show a health bar, not some bleeding heart. And also, make the graphics better when the guy is running. He looks like Mr.Fantastic with a gun. Despite this, I still like B.O.A. 1, 2, & 3.


HELLS YEH!!!! that game kicks ass i wanna play it again

good job
the only thing is that its a little bit to short
but then again most flash games are ... lol

keep up the good work oh yeh and MAKE MORE!

Great Work. . . Make more!!!

Improvement Ideas:

-SHOW health bar for each life, so that we know how much we have.

-A shield that protects your health it regenerates, and if destroyed takes a 20 second recovery time to come back. Lower alpha of shield as it gets weaker. SHOW shield strength bar. The shield should be about 1/2 the strength of your health.

-A shop with improvements at end of level. (Weapons, Armor, etc)

-More vehicles

short and crap..

but strangely addictive in that way that you only just want to carry on playing and get dissapointed when it ends at lvl 3