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Reviews for "Brink Of Alienation III"

This game was decent

This game had some nice qualities but there were far to many things in the game that needed improvement. 1. The game was far to easy. A way to fix this would have been to spend a lot of time making it harder or just lowering the amount of lives you had like say to 3. You could also take off rapid fire where you can just hold space bar and fire a way.
You could add ammo cartridges. 2. The graphics wern't that great. The things that moved in the film I can understand and had good graphics for moving because you need to be able to work with it but, you should spend more time on the background graphics. Do whatever works best for you but try to improve on some things. Good job and keep up the work.

Great game but the flying part could use some work

The shooting is great and most of the game is but the flying part is way too easy. all u have to do is hold space and press up and down the whoile time. make it harder with some power-ups that stay or just keeps upgrading the gun untill u die but all in all good work

could have been mutch better.

well not a bad game .
But there are few problems .

the blood and most of the animation where really bad .
the game wasen't very challenging .
and the game was terribly slow.

ps. (there's a really silly dude named samurai_synj in these reviews)

.....thanks for credit..

this game was much better then 2...but considering i helped with #2 and made that heart for #3 before you blocked me..and you used it without crediting me im reffering to this game as stolen. i wont push the stolen button..or report or anything..but i think people should know that you used it and you didnt even credit me. you even took me out of co authors in #2..the only thing i got left is my name in the actual game in #2<supercompnerd>. I figure ill just give it a 1/10 and 1/5 and ill get over it..but if i was to fairly rate it..id say 7/10..graphics got annoying..and lag did too..maybe you should have figured a more organized way to do it..and only 1 boss the hole game was kinda stupid..

felt like i was playing a real game

this was awesome i loved how we could fight on the ground and in the next lvl fight in the ship it was all jsut awesome, I could tell this took u awhile to make and u really put a lot of effort into it, good work