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Reviews for "Brink Of Alienation III"


That was unbelievable! I thought that the first game was crap, and I haven't played the second, but by the gods on Olympus, that was awesome! And, the points are distributed as follows:

Graphics: The character design was unique and varied, as well as well detailed. The main character's running animation was relative to his speed, but not too too crazy.

Style: Run 'n' Gun and side scrolling "space" shooting aren't exactly new, but you did a very good job of executing them.

Sound: With headphones on, that was INTENSE!!!! I was screaming as I ran in with my Mega going off ;)

Violence: Pfft, that's all this game was... With a hint of "get the fuck out of there!!"

Others: No reason for those... Not funny, and the moonwalking was overly useful.


alright man im sorry i was
a huge fan of ur last games (BOA 1/2)
and this one really didnt have it
it was way to hard and i found occasional
Tell me though what gave you the idea to make
it like Metal slug with only one shot and your dead?


Too short, some issues with movement (like the character's legs would keep moving while jumping forward, and you'd have to manually move while on a moving plattform, and jumping onto a higher plane (and in general) felt like you were walking on the moon), and that annoying thing where you'd die if you touch - not get squished by, touch - the side of the blocks that would come down at you in the cave, were frustrating or annoying to see on the first level, but it was fun overall. The boss fight was great, and the level was interesting enough to keep going and stayed fresh throughout the level.
The second level was way too easy, repetetive, and had a lot of issues with movement and collision. Not being able to move forward and backward was annoying, and at times, I'd be able to plow right through the edges of the obstacles in the cave portion, while it was next to impossible to avoid the cliffs in the portion where you move between the foreground and background. The enemies were too easy to kill, there weren't enough powerups to keep it interesting, and the whole level seemed like a demo then a finished level. Also, the to be continued sign almost made me punch the monitor in frustration. It all seemed really, REALLY, R-E-A-L-L-Y (damn I wish I could use the bold tag here) half assed. Also, the framerate suffered even at low quality at times (I'm on a 3.1ghz computer with 512 megs of ram). The only real fun segment was in the cave at the end, which, though there were the problems with collision detection I mentioned earlier, seemed fast-paced and challenging enough for some excitement value. Either scrap this segment or really do some work on it.
You've got a fairly decent game on your hands with a lot of potential, but it needs some serious work to really stand out.

Ups and Downs


Um, it kinda sucked how quickly you would die (1 to 2 hits), but there was a decent amount of lives to make up for it.

Level I kicked ass - lots of fun - HARD but fun
Level II went on so long and was SO repititive I got sick of the game and eventually quit...

By the way: I was under the impression you were battling on an Alien Planet - yet in the volcanoes there is a 'sign' in ENGLISH saying 'beware of the lava' or something...

...care to explain? :P



whats wrong with u ppl giving this game a 10 or a 9 !!! im guessing those who did never played the other 2 , this one sucked so badly , lets see sounds are like sound of a fricken cell phone , movement , you took out the moon walk , that was awesome in the 2nd one , the armor changed , and in lacked story , how can you change from such a masterpiece of a game , to this piece of shit . hope the next one is better , and if the guy above samurai something did help with the 2nd one , please let him help you again , so the third one is much better.

ps: the life annoyed me also , one hit and you died.