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Reviews for "Brink Of Alienation III"


Make Game Screen Smaller Its like at a _______
| |
i need a _____
| |

you may have a large moniter screen but it does not mean i do.
all i got is a 17 in moniter

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excellent game

This one is much better than the other two that ive played i especially like the part with the ship

I dunno why but...

This game just wasnt very appealing to me. Plus if you jump onto the head of the big worm alien thing, you just sit there and get stuck in an infinit bouncing loop

Well... ehhh...

I've beaten all of the BoA games to date and this one, sadly, is the worst. It's like a total downgrade from the others, save for a few points.

Good: better graphics, interactivity, and less glitches than the previous ones.

Bad: Incredibly easy, which is sad because the other ones were much harder. Also very short, with annoying music that made me want to rip my hair out.

Overall it's a decent game, but nowhere near as fun (to me at least) as the others. Maybe you should make it more difficult again, because this was just ridiculous.

Pretty Good

The moon walk doesnt work quite right sometimes but other than that good job