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Reviews for "Brink Of Alienation III"

Like a combination of Halo and Doom

That was absolutely excellent.
Halo + Doom!
The best of both games in one.

too big

it was good n stuff, but next time think about us poor people who dont have such a big screen

pretty good

this game was good but there were some broblems .1 when u shooted from the space ship it lagged all the time. 2 too short and so is my rewiew


I like the twist on the walking and then flying. It really mixed it up abit altought The shoting at points was to easy and at others to hard. and at the space ship part you can just fly up and down to win it. And to end this revieve the sound, sound like it was made by a hyper active 4 year old, I think It awoke the slepping beast I call "Mom" In the other room

it wasn't bad

the one with the ship was a bit long but it wasn't bad