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Reviews for "Brink Of Alienation III"

Great game...awsome graphics just a few things

I love this series i've played them all, well the graphics are awesome...the only thing that bothers me is with the normal gun you don't see the bullets you just see the gun shooting,and the game was actually shorter then the others i really didnt like the spaceship one..it was a tad too easy and boring, also the way the guy jumps is a bit weird...you dont see him jump you just fly in the air but anyway AWESOME GAME

There was some ANNOYING glitches...

I was facing the first boss and I got killed. I than came back and I was on his head! I than died and it kept making me land on his head so I gave up. ANNOYING GLITCHES like these put me off these games. So I've rated it from what I saw.

not bad....

but i found a bug......

volcanic activity spot...........

when i was unable to make it n the lava drowns the place, the game jz stucked there.....

think u better fix it.

This game was fantastic!!

Once again I'm blown away by the potential flash presents. My only complaint with the games is that the graphics and action was so fast paced that even on low quality, my computer lagged. But then, that fault lies with me, not the author.

that sucked

two words. see above!