Reviews for "Pokemon HGold/SSilver Ho-oh"

Epic song.

To epic to describe. Even more epic, I just battled Ho-oh in HeartGold.

Can I suggest the Lugia theme?

Great song. I love what you did with this remix. It sounds so epic.


im diggin the drums, do more of this style of work, and add the drums, they kick @ss

This Sounds Like Super Paper Mario...

This is a pretty good song, and I can hear the Gold/Silver behind it, but the drums and random "wee" noises that kind of sound like backwards music make it sound like it could've been used for boss music in Super Paper Mario. Eerie... (But still pretty good!)

I haven't fought Ho-oh yet...

So my question is is this a cover or the music straight from the game?
Anyway this is great!!