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Reviews for "Naruto Dress-Up Game"


Yeah, I liked this game a lot. Better than any dress-up game so far. Could've done with some music, but it was cool, overall. This really helped me get out of my artist's block, so I thank you for that! Oh yeah, way more ideas popping into my head! I think it'd be best if I ask, can I use some of the costume ideas and post 'em up (like, using them for drawings?) on deviantArt? Think I need permission...

Andorea-Chan responds:

Thank you very much! *hugs ya*
Oh, I have a DA account too! ^_^
Ok. About the permission, I'm willing to allow you using my clothe desings as long as you follow these rules:
- Use my icon when posting your drawing(s). It's :iconandorea-chan:
- State the drawing(s) was/were based on Naruto Dress-Up Game (I also have it at DA ^_^)
- Say I gave you permission to use them.
That's all. Simple, ne? I really apreciate that you asked me permission. Oh! What's your DA username? XD

Hm, I dunno.

Nothing really special about it. You need music for this very badly.
hm, maybe you shouldnt have made each character in the same game or at least screen. Overall it could've been more entertaining.

not bad

for a dress-up it was alright and Naruto is cool too. the drawings in this one were pretty good and the options of clothing were pretty good. maybe some weapons would've made this one better too. the little animated stuff in the dress-up from Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura were cool too, though i really didn't notice until i was almost done playing with it.
overall, it was cool... and your drawings were great.

it was ok but i never give anything...

... below 7 dress up games them selves suck but this one i like because its Naruto Naruto fans will like it ok

it was ok

i like sounds and stuff.but i love the outfits and their lil movements.