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Reviews for "Naruto Dress-Up Game"

Great tribute to the series.

The background music tends to really fit the dress up mini game. I also love the mini animations for each of the characters (they are extemely accurate). The accuracy of clothing is what really won me over though. When I saw Naruto's costume before and after timeskip, I knew that you were also a fan. The only thing I would suggest fixing is making the clothing a bit more organized (it's hard having to sort through stuff and once you try to relocate something, it's hard to find sometimes, maybe a reset or something) and some more variety. As others said, Sakura has a lot of things, but Naruto and Sasuke barely have anything. Anyway, I hope to see another version of this (unless it's already up or you are planning on making it). This is great.

Andorea-Chan responds:

Thank you!! And yes, I'm a huge Naruto fan! ^_^
Umm.. organazing the clothes would be a bit difficult, because I don't have much space and I don't want to make the file heavier... But if you move the clothes you don't want to wear to the corners you might win some space. :3

i really liked it

the outfits r interesting and u had plenty of them. and the animations really kept my interest! also i think it may be a good idea to put the cloths in catagories so it is easy to tell wich outfit is whose. it is easy to tell anyway, but u kind of have to search for a while to find just the rite outfit. otherwise, this was THE BEST DRESS UP GAME I HAVE PLAYED SINCE I SIGNED UP!!!

Andorea-Chan responds:

Heh heh... Yeah, that would be a good idea. The thing is... I don't have much space to put the clothes. ;___; Oh, well.. It probably looks messy 'cuz it's my first dress-up ever. XD

Best Naruto Dress up

This is the "BEST" Naruto Dress Up game I Played!!
And I Liked how u make the character move there eyes and stuff its looks so real:P

Andorea-Chan responds:

Thank you very much!!


the best o few things

i like it cus you dont just make em same old thing i was adle to make em if they wer relaxed and on vacation good bye old cloths lol your great this is going in my favorits

Andorea-Chan responds:

Thanks for faving. ^__^

One of the best dress-ups I've ever seen.

Very well done. You have a nice variety of clothing (unlike some dress-ups where all the clothes are recolors of one variety), including manga/anime-accurate clothes for the purists. The little animations you put in for each character are awesome (Naruto and Sasuke) and hilarious (Sakura), and the music is really good background music (although it's a leeeeeetle annoying). Just a few things (from least picky to most picky):

1) Sakura has a load of clothes (aside from her manga/anime costumes), but Naruto and Sasuke don't have as many, comparatively. I'd suggest making a couple more costumes for them.

2) Just a suggestion: since you have Naruto's old goggles, why don't you put in Sakura's old ribbon?

3) Sasuke's first manga/anime costume is supposed to have wraps for his wrists, but I couldn't find them.

Other than that, awesome work!

Andorea-Chan responds:

Thanks for your comment! You gave me a great idea when you mentioned Sakura's ribbon (why didn't I think of that before? >_>). Oh, and Sasuke's arm bands are somewhere on the bottom (where the shoes are).