Reviews for "SS'S Halloween"

I do pearsonally believe...

that the boybands of the decade 2010 have come early and ruined the minds of many people. I love synths (but hey I like Journey the Beatles and The Police too so meh.) and I think that, although i'm nearly a purist in music, I think an orchestra would have ruined the sharp sound that a synthesizer brings to the songs.You cant make a timpani soun dlike this or a cello or a anything purist instrument. You can get close but there is never a cigar there. Great piece. Keep up the amazingness.


i love ur music i have all of it on my i pod


I cannot believe this song! It's utterly fantastic, I enjoy listening to it as it gives the feeling of depression, fear, and wonder. As are all amazingly wondrous feelings. Almost like an adrenaline rush for the ears. While playing Colour My Dreams it was especially fabulous.


Really scary!

Awesome song! Would sound really creepy and cool in a horror game!