Reviews for "SS'S Halloween"


i love ur music i have all of it on my i pod

this has a dark smooth sound

this went great with the game

forget thoses people that said it didn't

i like u'r style

keep it up

I do pearsonally believe...

that the boybands of the decade 2010 have come early and ruined the minds of many people. I love synths (but hey I like Journey the Beatles and The Police too so meh.) and I think that, although i'm nearly a purist in music, I think an orchestra would have ruined the sharp sound that a synthesizer brings to the songs.You cant make a timpani soun dlike this or a cello or a anything purist instrument. You can get close but there is never a cigar there. Great piece. Keep up the amazingness.


Ruined the game for me.


No its not, its wack.
Its SUCH poor quality compared to the others. I have to saw, Colour My Dreams was the worst game out of them, Simply for the music, I loved the dark twist you put on the games but the music? Seriously? Its... Bad.