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Reviews for "Sonic Epoch: Best of vol2"

*sniffle* Does the series have to end so soon? :'(

I have a special place in my heart for the sonic epoch series. To be honest, i dont ever want this to end! This collection brings back fond memories indeed. If i ever get flash and learn to use it, I'm gonna consider carrying on the series! But the chances of that are extremely slim... damn.I'll be looking forward to the last two :') Happy Holidays!

FatBadger responds:

Who said anything abotu it ending? We're allready working on ep 11. We just felt like recycling our garbage flashes so we do best of.

F**ked up as always

When are you gonna make some new ones?

FatBadger responds:

Epoch 9 and 10 are about 90% done each, there will be new epoch very soon, followed by a best of volume 3 furry edition.

Not a bad reminese.

But I think I only saw a few things that were new to me. But I want to ask you somthing,... Why are you hating on Burger King?

Anyway, I liked the scene with Rouge the bat as a topless stripper. I hope you make your next Sonic epoch chapter with some more spicy material or some newer Sonic Hentai. I dont mind the best of series but I hope you make somthing new ok? Good luck.

FatBadger responds:

The BK in our area is filthy, I still eat there on occasion, but the whole mold and hair thing is a common experience there. Plus because its a new BK so the prices are jacked up.

ugh horrible

annoying and long sorta noisy too i dont speak japanese.

there are only 2 types of music i cant stand punk(it all sounds exactly the same allthough any other type of rock is okay)
and fucking Jpop annoying fast loud and pissy offy got is so you ass jpoppers out there 2 words SHUT UP

FatBadger responds:

no jpop here...

I liked the first one...

... and I like this one to. I am really looking forwrad to teh next one, great stuff.

FatBadger responds:

After this its epoch 9, 10 and 11, then we *might* do another greatest hits.