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Reviews for "Sonic Epoch: Best of vol2"


Hey, me and my friend fox_1122 do not hate you. (OR MAYBE A LITTLE) We are just sorry for you guys. Because u are retardet assholes, who never had anything interesting in you'r lives.

Grongatulations! U have just got pissed off by two 13 - year old boys. Have a nice day fucking your hamburgers. And u do not reach into my pocket.

This is the true best of!

Are those new flashes? I don't think i've seen them before. The one up in the upper left was reeally good. WTF that eggman scares me!

FatBadger responds:

this is 100% recycled garbage!! 30 mins of effort!

Ha, it was pretty funny

I liked it, it was pretty funny and just out of there...keep it up. One thing, what is that song that is playing when sonic is playing the guitar and the flashing lights in the bg? it sounds like static x

FatBadger responds:

it is static x

Burger King Sucks!

I like wendys! Never look at a BK whooper the same way again folks. Hope epoch 9 is cool.

FatBadger responds:

That was a true story...one whopper...both mold and pubic hair...but i still go lol (very rarely).

again, greatness

5 of the best of volume 2, and i think that something kickass is coming soon, well, good flash, now its time for me to watch WWE RAW.

FatBadger responds:

lol wrestling.