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Reviews for "Sonic Epoch: Best of vol2"


Ther realy wasent any violence but i gave it 3 because i had a heart attack laughing!!!!thes are the dammd funneist things on ng dude!!rock on and sckrew and body who says diffrently!!!!!!!!!!


burger king= grinded a whore cunts!

*getting mad* *getting more madder*.........

dude,two words:KICK-ASS!,dooood! that maked me "WHOOOAH!" and "OH MY GOODLY GOODNES!" that did me KICKASS! and "WHAA HEE!" i mean "LOOPIE!" WHOOOHOOO!!!!!!! LoL sry,must calm down...hehe ^_^

you guys kick ass

I just want you people to know that Fat_Badger and Brick_toppp are the BEST authors out on newgrounds, no matter what you guys make, may it be "Sonic shitting on amy fetish movie" i'll still vote a 5 and a 10 for it because Fat_Badger and Brick_toppp are the shit, hands down. U guys RULE! BTW, I'm ur favorite fan. :) IN CASE YOU HAVEN READ SONIC EPOCH 11

fuck off

burger king does not suck

FatBadger responds:

lol good review thx!